On The Set


8 Tips for “BTS” Shooting

People love seeing what life on the set is like. Make your behind the scenes footage tell a story.

1. Know when to be invisible.

2. Be ready to move fast.

3. Get that B-Roll.

4. Forget about perfection.

5. Use a DSLR

6. Capture Talent & Crew.

7. Show Equipment and Action.

8. Make the edit fun.


6:00AM Call Times; 12-16 hours days; non-stop physical labor; nerve-racking deadlines; less than 10 minutes to light a scene (and make it look good); and locations ranging anywhere from studios to beaches, to public streets or abandoned allies, to remote rain forest caves… THIS IS FILM LIFE!!! And I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

For anyone who thinks “FILM LIFE” is all sunshine and rainbows… they’ve clearly never been on a film set before. It’s one of the most chaotic yet highly organized production units you’ll ever witness. Hours of set up just to get a few seconds of footage, and it’s totally worth it.

You’ll never meet a more dysfunctionally functional family than film crew. For me, there’s just as much magic on the set behind the scenes, as there is watching the final release on film. I can never see films the same way I used to. In some ways, being on film crew has ruined films for me, and in other ways, it’s given me a greater appreciation for the subtle things most audiences never realize while watching a film.

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Video by: Betch

The above video is ironically… very accurate to film life!