Grey Cinematics is focused on “Cinematic Visuals” through Cinematography, Photography, Fight Choreography, and Visual FX.


Primarily, I am focused on Film Directing and Cinematography, and most often work as a Director of Photography. While I do produce and direct my own projects, I often team up with other studios for larger scale productions.


I’m not afraid to take on small projects or work with private clients as a wedding cinematographer, or to shoot a music video with a band. I also provide a service I call “VUEVE” for Million Dollar Estates”. We all have a story to share, I want to make it cinematic!

Nathan Grey Cinematics
  • Filmmaker & Visual Storyteller
  • Fully Equipped Professional Studio
  • Film on Location Worldwide
  • Continuing Education & Training
Nathan Grey Cinematics
  • 20 Years Combative Martial Arts
  • CQC, Stick, Knife, Sword, Bo
  • Stunt Acting & Fight Choreography
  • Stylized and Chaotic Combat Styles
Nathan Grey Cinematics
  • Adobe CC, Final Cut, Vue, Cinema 4D
  • Mac Pro & Tablets
  • 3D Animation & Visual FX
  • Editor & Graphic Designer
Nathan Grey Cinematics
  • Steadicam & Drone Operator
  • Fully Equipped Grip Trailer
  • Professional Photography Studio
  • Cinematic Photography Style
Nathan Grey Cinematics
  • Cinematic Photography Style
  • Story-Driven Set Ups
  • Strobe & Constant Lighting Skills
  • Boudoir, Fine Art Nude, Implied


3 Hours

1-2 Locations (Studio or Exterior)

Unlimited Wardrobes & Setups

Unlimited Shots (300DPI RAW)


Srobe or Constant Light Source

$ 300

6 Hours

1-4 Locations (Studio or Exterior)

Unlimited Wardrobes & Setups

Unlimited Shots (300DPI RAW)


Srobe or Constant Light Source

$ 500

Visual FX

3D Modeling & Composites Available

Green Screen Shoots Available

Digital Painting & Enhancements

After Effects & Photoshop Enhanced

Price is Per Photo

$ 40


Wedding (Photo)

Myself and 2nd Shooter

Unlimited Shots (300DPI RAW)

Full Event Coverage

GUARANTEED professional quality images.

Friendly and Non-Invasive Shooting Style.


Custom shots based on couples

Additional Couples Studio & Bridal Boudoir Shoots Available

$ 1,200

Wedding (Video)

Myself and 2nd Shooter

4K Footage, 4 Cameras

Smooth, Elegant, Cinematic Style

GUARANTEED professional quality images.

Friendly and Non-Invasive Shooting Style.


Cinematic, Romantic, Love Story, and Full Ceremony, and Website

Ultra High Quality Photos From Video

$ 3,200

VUEVE Real-Estate

4K Video Footage & Photography (300DPI RAW)

Smooth, Elegant, Cinematic Style

Rooms Professionally Staged and Lighted

Cinematic Video Tour, and Professional Image Galleries.

Exclusive Website. No Expiration.

Exterior and Interior, Day and Night Lighting

Professional presentation for luxury real-estate.

I work with owners and realtors.


The ONLY way to relive your One Special Wedding Day is through PROFESSIONAL IMAGES & VIDEO! When the day is over, the cake eaten, and the flowers dry… these moments can live forever through beautiful photos and elegant videos. This is one of the single most important investments to last you a lifetime. Don’t risk losing it to an unqualified individual.

Nathan Grey
My VUEVE service brings the power and elegance of Cinema to your Wedding and Luxury Home Tours



I film in Full Hi-Definition up to 4K Footage

I can shoot with my own equipment and fully supplied trailer, or rent additional equipment.

Steadicam, Drone, Jib, Slider, Dolly, Underwater

I Film Commercials, Music Videos, Corporate Videos, and More

My Rate does not include travel expenses, room and board. I’m available for extended shooting periods.

Rates vary if I need to hire actors, models, crew, 3D Animate, etc.

I am available to edit, color correct, and deliver the final project according to the client needs as well.

$ 600 & Up


I’m critical of my work and work meticulously to create quality.

I have a strong sense of authority and understand the importance of communication.

I am decisive and driven, and work well under pressure.

I’m open minded to quality advice, and know how to solve problems.

I’m well versed on the set and understand the actors process as well as the technical skills for crew.

I’m focused on my vision from conception to completion.

I often edit any work I direct. I know clearly how the edit will turn out and can better control the pacing of the story.

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Director of Photography

I have an artistic eye to analyze the scene through the lens.

I utilize subtext for scene composition, lighting, blocking, and camera position or movement.

I work well within budget and crew restrictions.

I know how to shoot scenes to keep the flow of the film.

I know how to collaborate with the director to develop the artistic vision and drive the story.

I maximize creativity with available equipment.

I keep up to date with ever-changing technology and techniques, and constantly refine my skills.

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Acting, Stunt Acting &

GREY CINEMATICS Photography Samples

Visual FX | Fitness | Boudoir | VUEVE | Cinematic


Grey Cinematics is a full scale professional film and photography studio, led by a creative visionary dedicated to creating cinematic visuals.

I am constantly expanding my inventory, improving my technical and creative skills, and continuing my education, certifications, and training from industry leaders.

I am a passionate and dedicated filmmaker. I bring 100% of the very best I can offer on every project I’m involved in.

I wear many hats in this industry and am well versed in what makes for a professional and efficiently running film production. I work with both private clients and large scale productions.


“I Have a Story to Show You”

Reputation is everything. My passion is filmmaking and storytelling. With every project and client I work with, with every studio I team up with, I constantly strive to improve myself and challenge myself with a new way of creating a world of visual cinematics.

Nathan Grey
Filmmaker and Storyteller