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Nathan Grey Cinematics is expanding and relocating soon! Nothing worth achieving happens overnight and this process has been paved with challenges, but I’ve never given up.

The film division of my company, “I Am Cinema”, and the Photography Division “Dark Horse” are expanding office and studio spaces to the Jupiter Inlet and the West Palm Beach Soundstage within the year.

These days, owning a camera and some equipment have nothing to do with being a qualified filmmaker. Some of the best Directors and Directors of Photography I’ve worked with (including Shane Hurlbut, Vincent Laforet, and Alex Buono) own very little of their own equipment, or often rent out gear for each production. However, my goal is to additionally become a fully equipped production facility with in-house lighting, camera, sound, chromakey, and editing.

The growing success of my company is due to the reputation I’ve fought for, along with the quality of professional work I provide and the creativity in my style. This road has not been easy, and the journey is far from being over. With the commissions of recent projects and upcoming work, things are steadily progressing.

Currently I’m scouting locations in Jupiter, Florida and beginning work at the West Palm Beach, Florida Soundstage. We are finally on the verge of principle photography for “Blood Forest” with TopCat Film Productions in Puerto Rico and our new web series “In Sanity, Florida” with See Worthy Films in West Palm Beach. Stay posted for more updates soon!

Look in the Mirror… That is Your Competition.

Nathan Grey

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I work as a steadicam operator, along with operating 3-axis gimbals, drones, jibs/cranes, and sliders..

I’m working on expanding my skill set to additionally work as a Tango Operator and Segway Steadicam Operator.

There is a definitive variance between videographers and cinematographers. My style is about telling a story and creating emotion, not just pointing a camera and hitting record.

  • Steadicam Operator
  • 3-Axis Gimbal Operator
  • UAV Drone Operator
  • Jib/Crane Operator

My involvement in the film industry is rather diverse and while I’m passionate about photography, I am primarily a cinematographer and most often work as a Director or Director of Photography. Whenever I produce my own work or team up with another studio, I almost always find myself behind the camera. What we see with our eyes is nothing like what the camera sees through the lens.

Being versatile as a cinematographer has been a key development in my ability to visualize scenes for films. I’m aware of what styles of camera movements and techniques best create the scenes emotional content. I believe having a talent in both photography and cinematography, enhances my abilities as a filmmaker. There is an art form to controlling and shaping shadows and light, creating composition, depth of field, and evoking emotions through the visuals I create.

From short films, tutorials, sample videos, up through Full Feature Films, Music Videos, and Web Series, “I Am Cinema” has been establishing its reputation as a studio focused on quality, professionalism, and of course “Cinematic Visuals”.

As a filmmaker, I take on a wide variety of projects including private clients (Weddings, Real-Estate Videos, Commercials) up through full scale productions and even partner up with other studios and film makers when possible.



Beyond pointing a camera or using creative lighting, I create an emotion and tell a story.

I shoot photography for Weddings, Real-Estate, Private Clients, Boudoir, Cinematic Style, and Behind the Scenes.

I utilize strobe, natural, and constant lighting techniques. There’s always a goal to create a new technique or control shadow and light in a beautiful way, to tell a story in a single frame.

  • Cinematic & Story-Driven
  • Boudoir & Fine Art Nude
  • Wedding & Real-Estate
  • Studio & Natural Light

Ten years from now, I want to say I choose my life, rather than settled for it.

Nathan Grey
I Am Cinema
Film Division of Grey Cinematics


Tactical Training | Stunt Acting

Perhaps one of the most unique aspects of my career, is that I wear many hats and bring a wide variety of skills and experience to the table. One of these aspects is Tactical and Combative Martial Arts.

My studio in addition to cinematography and photography, also hosts the location where I train, teach, rehearse, and choreograph fight scenes for films. When it comes to martial arts training, I am very selective over whom I train, as it’s no longer what I do for a living. Whether an individual trains with me to be a fighter, or a stunt actor, I expect them to bring their all every time, or show themselves to the door. Time is the most precious commodity I have, and I won’t waste it on someone wasting my time.

A lifetime ago, I threw away my uniforms, trophies, titles, and worthless Black Belts. I’ve never looked back with any regret since freeing myself from the restrictions and limitations of style, title, rank, and above all.. ego. This is among many of my deeply rooted beliefs in martial arts. The training I experienced in France and Tahiti from those who opened my eyes to “truth” in martial arts… it changed everything for me.

I spent over 20 years of my life training enthusiasts and fighters, and additionally I’m trained as a stunt actor. Fighting in film is NOTHING like fighting in real life, however I blur the lines in visual appearance when it comes to merging the two. For details about martial arts training and fight choreography, visit: Art of Combat

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Nathan Grey Cinematics
Nathan Grey Cinematics
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Nathan Grey Cinematics
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