VUEVE: Elite Video Elegance


This is how I define “Elite Video Elegance”.  VUEVE (view-eve) is the style of cinematography and photography I incorporate for luxury real-estate, tourism videos, and elegant weddings.  As a filmmaker, I incorporate cinematic elements, dramatic and soft lighting techniques, shallow depth of field, and elegant camera movements for these productions.  In addition to cinematic videos and tours, I create elegant image galleries, and host everything on your permanent custom and private website.

The ONLY way to relive your One Special Wedding Day is through PROFESSIONAL IMAGES & VIDEO! When the day is over, the cake eaten, and the flowers dry… these moments can live forever through beautiful photos and elegant videos. This is one of the single most important investments to last you a lifetime. Don’t risk losing it to an unqualified individual.

Nathan Grey
My VUEVE service brings the power and elegance of Cinema to your Wedding and Luxury Home Tours


You’ve waited your entire life for this one day. Are you willing to risk blurry pictures, unnatural poses, unbalanced lighting, and missed moments to an amateur?

Photos and Videos are the ONLY way for anyone to truly remember your wedding day.

For that reason alone, choosing your wedding cinematographer is one of the most critical decisions for your wedding. Your images should tell your story, and your video should reflect the emotion of your wedding.

I am a filmmaker. As a filmmaker working for you… I am here to show the world “Your Story”.

I am not in any way a traditional wedding videographer, and while most filmmakers are afraid to film weddings, I embrace them.  Filmmaking is about telling a story, what better story to share than the story of two people and two families merging their lives and starting a new journey?  While many “pros” confuse you with various rates and packages… I offer only one… the full “Cinematic Wedding”.


There’s nothing worse for a home owner selling a beautiful luxury home, than having a real-estate agent shoot poorly lit and uninspiring images of their home, or a using a 360 camera that warps and distorts the look of the room. Whether you are selling or renting your home, it needs to be presented and seen in it’s full grandeur and beauty.

People buy emotionally, and if you don’t create an emotional connection within the first 7 seconds, you’ll loose them, and the sale.  I create the buying emotion.

I am a filmmaker who stages your home and theatrically lights it. I find the best angles and times of day to film and photograph your home. I create the emotion they need to envision themselves in your home, and empower them to commit to the purchase.

This is your home, it has a story to tell. Whether your selling it or renting it, you’ve put your heart and money into it, and you goal is to see a worthy return on your investment. When we gain an emotional connection to something, we take on a sense of ownership. As a filmmaker, that is the connection I create for your buyers.