I have a passion for storytelling. I see life through the lens and create immersive visuals that evoke emotion and suspend audience belief.

Nathan Grey

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West Palm Beach, Florida

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I love visual storytelling and the exciting worlds films take us. There is no limit beyond our own imagination, passion, and dedication.

Nathan Grey Cinematics

On Being a Director

My passion in film quickly switched from acting to directing with every production I worked on while living in New Orleans.

As a director there is nothing greater than seeing your vision come to life. It’s certainly something no one can do on their own, and being a director requires great leadership skills integrated with a truly professional team consisting of both crew and talent.

I am a “Creative Director”, which to me means I allow the actors freedom to create their characters, but I work with them to make it natural. I guide them to make it visually enticing and to ensure the film has a rhythm and flow.

I take directing as a very hands on approach with the talent and will spend much time behind the camera as well. I can’t just sit in video village and watch. I believe knowing the many aspects of filmmaking from both the talents perspective as well as the crews, allows strong communication and respect by example.

Director of Photography

More often than not, the role I play in film is as a Director of Photography. I actually love this role, in some ways more than Directing. I am responsible for the visual look of the film, and my interaction with the Director, Talent, and Crew is crucial.

I look into the “Subtext” of every scene. There is always a reason “Why” I place or move a camera a certain way, or why I light a scene or how the composition is set up. Without purpose, there is no emotion to build on.

This is a highly demanding and personally rewarding position in film. When I make the talent look good… I make the entire production look good. When the entire production looks good… then I look good, or at least what I do looks good.

As an artist, I love sharing my vision with others and being able to demonstrate to others how I achieved these shots. I spend time teaching my crew and listening for feedback.

The most important element of an image, is its emotional content. Without emotion it has no value.”

Nathan Grey