Nathan Grey Cinematics

Nathan Grey Cinematics is a full scale film and photography studio focused on creating Cinematic Visuals.

Cinematic Visuals are created through cinematography and photography by capturing or creating the emotion and subtext of an image or scene, and by suspending audience belief.

My name is Nathan Grey. I am a filmmaker and visual storyteller. I produce and direct my own films, music videos, weddings, and real estate videos, and I team up with other film studios for larger full scale productions. I most often work as a Director or Director of Photography.

I Am Cinema

I Am Cinema is the heart of this company, and the film division of Grey Cinematics.

I work as a director, director of photography, and fight choreographer for short films, full feature films, music videos, and web series.

As a cinematographer, I offer a full array of services, including steadicam operator and drone operator. I have have dolly tracks, cranes and jibs, vehicle mounts, 3-axis gimbals, and underwater cameras, along with a fully stocked inventory of lighting equipment, audio recording, and an editing suite.

Nathan Grey Cinematics


VUEVE (view-eve) is an elite and elegant photography and cinematography service for Weddings and Million Dollar Real Estate or Services.

As a filmmaker, I create emotion through cinema and photography. We all have a story to share, I’m there to create powerful and inspirational scenes and images for you to share with the world.

For luxury real-estate, services, and restarts, I create a stunning tour and image galleries, and feature everything on your own custom and exclusive website.

Nathan Grey Cinematics

Dark Horse

Dark Horse is a term for the unexpected champion. My vision as a photographer is to create cinematic visuals no-one could expect to see.

I specialize in portrait style photography, but not your ordinary “smile and pose” style pictures. I take my images to a new level.

I shoot a wide variety from strobe and constant lighting, high key and low key, boudoir, fine art nude, story-driven, and cinematic style. I also incorporate 3D compositing and visual fx into my work.

Nathan Grey Cinematics

Art of Combat

Next to cinema, martial arts has been a lifelong passion of mine. For 20 years I taught combative martial arts to youth, adults, enthusiasts, and fighters. What I do now, I do for myself.

What I do share with others, is the beauty and lethality of realistic combat in cinema. I am available as a stunt actor and fight choreographer.

For those who know me personally, and have the level of passion and dedication required, I offer tactical martial arts training. I no longer make a living as a trainer, but it is a passion I’ll never let go of.

I am a Filmmaker and a Visual Storyteller… And I Have a Story to Show You.

Nathan Grey
After 3D Compositing and FX
Original Image
After 3D Compositing and FX
Original Image